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1947 BAA DRAFT E-mail
 This draft list is courtesy of APBR.org 
(Association for Professional Basketball Research).

1947 DRAFT

First Round Selections:
1. Pitt Clifton McNeely Texas Western
2. Tor Glen Selbo Wisconsin
3. Bos Ed Ehlers Purdue
4. Prov Walt Dropo Connecticut
5. NY Dick Holub Long Island
6. Phil Frank Crossin Pennsylvania
7. StL Jack Underman Ohio State
8. Chi Paul Huston Ohio State
9. Wash Dick O'Keefe Santa Clara
10. Balt Larry Killick Vermont

Bob Jake Vermont
John Rusinko Penn State
Harry Gallatin NE Missouri State Teachers College
Charles Raynor Houston

Negotiation List
Elmer Gainer DePaul
Scotty Hamilton West Virginia
Hugh Hampton High Point
Chick Reiser New York University
Robert Bolyard Toledo

Hank Biasetti Long Island
Gene Stump DePaul
George Felt Northwestern

Negotiation List
Bob Alemeida ?
George Petrovick ?
John Ezersky Rhode Island State
Jack Hewson Temple
John Kelly Notre Dame

Ben Schadler Northwestern
Hank Decker West Texas State
Gene Vance Illinois
Andy Phillip Illinois

Negotiation List
Ralph Bishop Washington
Jim Darden Denver
Jim Pollard Stanford
Don Smith Minnesota
Jack Stone Kansas State

New York
Tom Tomlinson Southern Methodist
Garland Head Texas Tech
Carl Reichert Findlay
Ray Evans Kansas

Negotiation List
Andy Duncan William & Mary
Ed Golub Norfolk Naval Training Center
Ron Livingston St. Mary's (CA)
Dan Miller St. Louis
Wat Misaka Utah

Ed Koffenberger Duke
Norman Butz St. Joseph's (PA)
Jim Kaeding York

Negotiation List
Jim Pollard Stanford

Bob Alamo Santa Clara
Herman Knoche Washington & Jefferson
Dick Ives Iowa
Jack Walton DePauw

Negotiation List
Fred Nagy Akron
George Brown ?

Roy Lipscomb St. Mary's
John Mills Hofstra
Al Nichols Rhode Island State

Negotiation List
Dick Furey St. Thomas (MN)
Robert Hubbard Springfield College
Joe Barry ?
Bob Joyce Bates

St. Louis
Herb Wilkinson Iowa
Jack Knopf Louisville

Negotiation List
Bob Kurland Oklahoma A&M
Paul Napolitano San Francisco
Jim Pollard Stanford
Bill Strannigan Colorado/Wyoming

Red Rocha Oregon State
Frank Broyles Georgia Tech
Wimpy Quinn Oregon
Paul Hoffman Purdue

Negotiation List

Jack Tingle Kentucky
Bill Burke St. Mary's
Abel Rodriguez San Francisco

Negotiation List
Paul Cloyd Wisconsin
Mat Zunic George Washington
John Mandic Oregon State
Irwin Rothenberg Long Island
Saul Mariaschin Harvard

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