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1974 - Rounds 5 through 10 E-mail
1974 DRAFT
New York, NY

This list is courtesy of APBR.org
Fifth Round
1 Phil Gary Crowthers Hardin-Simmons
2 Port Bernard Hardin New Mexico
3 Clev Gary Novak Notre Dame
4 Phoe Ralph Bobik Creighton
5 Hous Owen Wells Detroit
6 KC-O Terry Compton Vanderbilt
7 Atl Tyrone Medley Utah
8 Sea Dean Tolson Arkansas
9 Buff Tony Byers Wake Forest
10 NO Ed Searcy St. John's
11 GS Steve Erickson Oregon
12 LAL Seymour Reed Bradley
13 Wash Gary Anderson Washington
14 NYK Greg Jackson Guilford
15 Det Joe Newman Temple
16 Chi Randy Knowles Texas A&M
17 Bos Ben Clyde Florida State
18 Mil John Johnson Denver

Sixth Round
1 Phil Mark Westra Southern California
2 Port Dan Anderson Southern California
3 Clev Aron Stewart Richmond
4 Phoe Collis Temple Louisiana State
5 Hous Lawrence Johnson Prairie View
6 KC-O Ron Kennedy Arizona
7 Atl Sam Hervey Southern Methodist
8 Sea Wardell Jackson Ohio State
9 Buff Gary Link Missouri
10 NO Lawrence McCray Florida State
11 GS John Errecart Pacific
12 Wash Roy McPipe Eastern Montana
13 LAL Billy Morris St. Louis
14 NYK Terry Mikan St. Thomas
15 Det Mike Sylvester Dayton
16 Chi Robert Rosier St. Thomas
17 Bos Gene Harmon Creighton
18 Mil Larry Williams Kansas State

Seventh Round
1 Phil Dave Stoczynski Gannon
2 Port Doug Richards Brigham Young
3 Clev Mike Robinson Michigan State
4 Phoe Clyde Dickey Boise State
5 Hous Kevin Fitzgerald Oklahoma
6 KC-O Mark Browne Missouri
7 Atl Greg Lee UCLA
8 Sea Jerry Faulkner Western Georgia
9 Buff Tommy Curtis UCLA
10 NO Joel Copeland Old Dominion
11 GS Brady Allen California
12 LAL Dennis Van Zant Azusa Pacific
13 Wash Tom Turner Western Georgia
14 NYK Billy Smith Mercer
15 Det Sammy High Tulsa
16 Chi Geoff Roberts Missouri
17 Bos Ron Brown Penn State
18 Mil Bob Hornstein West Virginia

Eighth Round
1 Phil Jimmy Powell Middle Tennessee
2 Port Eldridge Broussard Pacific (OR)
3 Clev Kerry Hughes Wisconsin
4 Phoe Tom Holland Oklahoma
5 Hous Steve Brooks Arkansas State
6 KC-O Richie O'Connor Fairfield
7 Atl Bill Butler Louisville
8 Sea Leonard Coulter Morehead State
9 Buff Glenn Price St. Bonaventure
10 NO Jay Piccola Roanoke
11 GS Clarence Allen UC Santa Barbara
12 Wash Steve Platt Huntington (IN)
13 LAL Bob Florence Nevada-Las Vegas
14 NYK Dennis McDermott St. Francis
15 Det Greg Newman Drexel
16 Chi Sam McCants Oral Roberts
17 Bos Richard Wallace Georgia Southern
18 Mil Ralph Palamar Cameron

Ninth Round
1 Phil Perry Warbington Georgia Southern
2 Port Lee Haven Colorado
3 Clev Jim Buskofsky Upper Iowa
4 Phoe Ted Evans Oklahoma
5 Hous Ken Stalling Missouri-Rolla
6 KC-O Jeff Dawson Illinois
7 Atl Lon Kruger Kansas State
8 Sea Bertrand du Pont Dillard
9 Buff John Falconi Davidson
10 NO Ken Boyd Boston University
11 GS Carl Meier California
12 Wash Mark Raterink Boston College
13 NYK Earl Brown Lafayette
14 Det Gary Deitelhoff Millikin
15 Chi Jerry Davenport Cameron
16 Bos Al Skinner Massachusetts
17 Mil Mike Deane Potsdam State

Tenth Round
1 Phil Larry Witherspoon Towson State
2 Port Ron Jones Oregon State
3 Clev Jim Kelly Loras
4 Phoe Mark Wasley Arizona State
5 Hous Marcus Washington Marquette
6 KC-O Dennis White Arkansas
7 Atl Brendy Lee Nebraska
8 Sea Rod Derline Seattle
9 Buff Andy Rimol Princeton
10 NO Walt McGary Chattanooga
11 GS Marvin Buckley Nevada-Reno
13 Wash Pete Collins High Point
14 NYK John O'Connell North Carolina
15 Det Bill Ligon Vanderbilt
16 Chi Rick Hockenos St. Francis (PA)
17 Bos Phil Rogers Fairfield
18 Mil Bruce Featherston SW Texas State

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