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Larry Fogle E-mail

Fun Fact

Larry Fogle attended Cooley High, which is also the name of a 1975 classic feature film set in 1960s Chicago about a group of high school friends who are enjoying life until two of them get caught up and accused of a crime. Find out more about Cooley High, the Movie.

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1971-72 SW Louisiana







1972-73 Canisius

Did Not Play Transfer Student

1973-74 Canisius







1974-75 Canisius







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0 #54 Gerry Foster 2013-01-13 21:55
I had the pleasure of playing against Larry Fogle in high school. He was the original LaBronJames; played like a man amongst boys. Big time player and scorer!
+1 #53 #22 Mike Evans 2012-12-06 18:08
Larry had already scored 73 pts against Cody in 3 quarters. I was playing JV for Henry Ford that year. Larry scored 51 pts. against Henry Ford and sat the 4th quarter also! Before the end of the 1st quarter and half time. Larry crossed the half court line and made fade away jumps shots (SWISH) both times! Great shooter. Was real smooth and effortless, and a very good rebounder.
+1 #52 Garrett Schofield 2012-09-05 17:11
All of the stories add up. My mentor and Larry`s facilitator Jim Schofield told me many great stories about the Great Larry Fogle. He is arguably one of the best to play, just wanted to mention his scoring average had to do with the man who facilitated his game, hence his senior year. The coach that took over was a fool from what i gathered.
+2 #51 Carmelo 2012-03-26 18:19
I first s aw Larry play when he was 14 years in the New York City Citywide Tournament; he played for Gil Reynolds (rest in peace) Restoration Eagles. Always around the basket to retrieve rebound loose balls, and blocked shots. He worked on his game to develop a medium range jump shot, but lacked ball handling skills which would surmount to his not staying in the NBA for more than one season. One of Brooklyn’s best ballplayer during his time when he completed against the likes of Phil Sellers, Ernie Douse, World B Free, Bernard Hardin, Armond Hill, James Hunt, who also left Brooklyn to play in Detroit (rest in peace) and a host of many more talented players throughout the New York City area.
0 #50 marlo wells 2012-03-18 04:28
I 'm from Detroitand I have seeen the great players ever in Detroit ot surrounding areas. Ice Man,Magic Johnson,Spencer haywood,Ralph Simpson who is actually India Arie's father but Larry Fogle was probably the best if not he was in the top 3. He scored 55 points in 3 quarters in a game and then came back and scored either 73 or 75 the n4xt game. This dude was more than you guy's think and it's hard to believe that they are under estimating his ability. I heard he was black balled from the NBA but if he would have walked the straight line he would have been a Hall of Famer
0 #49 christine knicks fan 2011-06-07 18:28
i never heard of you before,mathis.
-1 #48 Guest 2011-06-07 15:37
I too saw Mr. Fogle on Judge Malthis. Yes he spoke very well.
0 #47 Don Kelsey 2011-03-13 23:40
I was Editor-in-Chief of the Cooley high newspaper my final year in school. I covered the sports as well as other responsibilitie s of producing the paper. I remember Larry just completely dominating games, single handedly. He was smooth and effortless. I wrote a story about him in one of our monthly issues. Coach Ziegler gave me hell one afternoon because I suggested he was "recruited" here to Detroit, which as you may know, that was not legal within Public School League rules.
Anyway, before I actually got to see him play in a game, I assumed he was just a one dimensional offensive player. Not only was he gifted on offense, he was a monster cleaning the glass and didn't hide on defense. I thought he was a complete high school player! Last I heard he was a counselor in New York.
I'm at donitia@hotmail .com
0 #46 GaryO 2011-02-28 15:22
I saw you on Judge Mattis..Your a great person keep up the good work
-1 #45 Charles Wilson 2011-02-23 16:13
I played basketball at Cooley high School btw 70-73 and larry played btw 70-72. larry also lived with my family during those year. He was one of the best scorer that I ever seen. He made it look easy, never really worked on his game, he was a natural.
here's one of my Larry stories after he had left Cooley and in my senior year. He Called the gym office to talk with coach Ziegler and I happen to answer the phone. His first words were " Chuck I'm going to lead the nation in scorcing next year. This was before he ever put on a Canisius uniform. Now I knew that he was one of the best high school player in America, but to go to big time college basketball with the likes of David Thompson, Bill walton and Marvin Barnes and make a statement like that was saying maybe too much. The very next year he lead the nation in scorcing. He was the most confidant ballplayer I ever met. Too all my long lost basketball friends contact me at
Chuck Wilson

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