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Strengths: Tough minded player who doesn’t back down from the physicality of opposing defenders … Excellent fundamental skills with a great feel for the game … Understands how to use his versatility to lure forwards out to the perimeter where he uses his dribble or mid-range shot to create scoring opportunities … Owns an extremely high basketball IQ that makes up for some of his athletic shortcomings … Possesses legit NBA three point range with a quick release that he can make with regularity … Excellent in catch and shoot situations from mid-range … Anderson plays above average post defense with good effort in that he keeps his body between his man and the basket … Blue collar approach to the game in that he will out-hustle or out-work anyone on the court 90 percent of the time … This is especially handy when rebounding as he understands how to box out opposing forwards and will tap out of position rebounds to himself … Unselfish player who is a quality passer for a player his size … Will use a number of head fakes and hesitation moves to get defenders off their feet … Does a tremendous job creating contact to draw fouls for free throws opportunities … Once on the line he is an excellent free throw shooter … Does a lot of the crafty things that don’t show up in the box score, such as understanding how to use his body to shield against bigger players in the paint … Work ethic is well documented …

Weaknesses: Athletically, Anderson isn't blessed with great explosiveness, nor is he the most agile of players his size … A semi-tweener, as there will be some talk as to what position he will play in the NBA … Although the size of a power forward, Anderson's game resembles more of a small forward - the issue is that his athleticism could limit his effectiveness … Back to basket skills are not used much during the course of a game as he clearly prefers facing the basket … Defensively, his lateral movement is questionable if he has to defend on the perimeter … Post defense struggles a bit when he has to match the physicality or superior athleticism of an opposing forward … Lack of strength prevents him from denying opposing players position in the post … Legs and hips appear a bit stiff, which could limit him from ever becoming a competent perimeter defender … While Anderson can take slower forwards off the dribble, he lacks the foot speed to gain full separation … Settles too often for shooting from the perimeter instead of exploiting mismatches … Despite his height, Anderson has never been a shot blocker on any level of basketball … Could stand to add more body strength, but his body type suggests that this could sacrifice some of his already average athleticism … Overrated in his upside due to his physical limitations - make no mistake that he will improve, but in terms of skill growth, he’s closer to his ceiling than his sophomore class status would suggest …

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+1 #4 Jonesy 2008-06-23 11:14
None other than Larry Bird, one of the greatest shooters ever, has been quoted as saying "Ryan Anderson is the best shooter in the draft." Look for any team that needs a big (6-10)rebounder who can knock down long 3s to snatch him up in the first round. You heard it here first.
0 #3 Kyle 2008-05-29 09:16
Most 2nd Rounders who get picked suck...so if he provides any value off the bench, then he'd be a steal...Monta Ellis was a steal of the ages, I consider the Rockets getting Carl Landry and Celtics getting Glen Davis a steal...if you can get a solid bench player in the NBA in the 2nd round, that's good. Anderson's a shooting big man who can rebound, he's not the most athletic, and may have trouble defending other bigs, he can pass and handle the ball a little for a big man, and may be able to score a little. 2nd round prospect, possibly 1st next year. Needs to improve his athleticism and defensive abilities to move up.
-1 #2 me 2008-05-29 05:59
i dont think he drafted at number 40 i dont think he be like a monta ellis the warriors was good to get monta should have ben a frist round player the teams who pass monta up are mad becaues he good i dont think there be another steal at 40 maybe the warriors got a steal
+1 #1 Leonard 2008-05-13 22:03
Andersoon is a good prospect. Anybody who scores 20 points and gets 10 rebounds a night in the Pac-10 is good in my book. He can shoot, post up, and is a pretty good passer. He could energize somebody's bench right away, like Leon Powe, and maybe develop into a decent starter. He would be a steal in the 2nd round, and could sneak into the first round. His shooting could give defenses headaches, and has the physicality on defense, as evidenced by his strong rebounding rate.

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