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1950 DRAFT
Chicago, IL

T-Territorial Choice
Third Round
25	Bob Donham	   Ohio State	        Boston
26	Dick Dickey	   North Carolina State	Baltimore
27	Buddy Cate	   Western Kentucky	Philadelphia
28	Clarence Brannum   Kansas State	        Tri-Cities
29	Alan Sawyer	   UCLA	                Washington
30	Lou Watson	   Indiana	        Chicago
31	Stan Weber	   Bowling Green	New York
32	Art Burris	   Tennessee	        Fort Wayne
33	Charles Mrazovich  Eastern Kentucky	Indianapolis
34	Bob Roper	   John Carroll	        Rochester
35	Howie Williams	   Purdue	        Minneapolis
36	Stan Christie	   USC	                Syracuse

Fourth Round			
37	Ken Reeves	   Louisville	        Boston
38	Jerry Reed	   Wyoming	        Baltimore
39	Paul Sensky	   St. Joseph's (PA)	Philadelphia
40	Paul Hicks	   Eastern Kentucky	Tri-Cities
41	Tom O'Keefe	   Georgetown	        Washington
42	Ken Murray	   St. Bonaventure	Chicago
43	Joe Ossola	   St. Louis	        New York
44	Len Rzewszewski	   Indiana State	Fort Wayne
45	Jim Line	   Kentucky	        Indianapolis
46	Chet Giermak	   William & Mary	Rochester
47	Bud Grant	   Minnesota	        Minneapolis
48	Paul Merchant	   Oklahoma	        Syracuse