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1950 DRAFT
Chicago, IL

T-Territorial Choice
Fifth Round
49	Jack Shelton	  Oklahoma A&M	        Boston
50	Norm Mager	  CCNY	                Baltimore
51	Ike Borsavage	  Temple	        Philadelphia
52	Cal Christensen	  Toledo	        Tri-Cities
53	Claude Overton	  East Central Oklahoma	Washington
54	Don Stroot	  Missouri	        Chicago
55	Dick Barnes	  San Diego State	New York
56	Ed Thompson	  Kent State	        Fort Wayne
57	Sonny Allen	  Morehead State	Indianapolis
58	Joe Nelson	  Brigham Young	        Rochester
59	Ed Beach	  West Virginia	        Minneapolis
60	Paul Hickey	  Denver	        Syracuse

Sixth Round		
61	Fran Mahoney	   Brown	        Boston
62	Rick Harman	   Kansas State	        Baltimore
63	Dick Dallmer	   Cincinnati	        Philadelphia
64	Bob Anderson	   Loyola (MD)	        Tri-Cities
65	Warren Cartier	   North Carolina State	Washington
66	Stu Inman	   San Jose State	Chicago
67	Don Parsons	   Rutgers	        New York
68	Bob Metcalf	   Valparaiso	        Fort Wayne
69	Ralph O'Brien	   Butler	        Indianapolis
70	John Givens	   Western Kentucky	Rochester
71	Wayne Glasgow	   Oklahoma	        Minneapolis
72	Mack Suprunowicz   Michigan	        Syracuse