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1950 DRAFT
Chicago, IL

T-Territorial Choice
Ninth Round
97	Bob Cope	Montana	                Boston
98	Jack Laub	Cincinnati	        Baltimore
99	Joe Kaufman	New York University	Philadelphia
100	Nate DeLong	River Falls Teachers	Tri-Cities
101	Earl Lloyd	West Virginia State	Washington
102	John Brown	Georgetown	        Chicago
103	Don Heathington	Baylor	                New York
104	Al Henningsen	NW Missouri 	        Fort Wayne
105	Gene Schmidt	Texas Christian	        Indianapolis
106	Warren Switzer	Rice	                Rochester
107	Jim Reilly	Swarthmore	        Minneapolis
108	Bob Savage	Syracuse	        Syracuse

Tenth Round			
109	Matt Forman	Holy Cross	        Boston
110	Mike Zedalis	Loyola (MD)	        Baltimore
111	Bernie Adams	Princeton	        Philadelphia
112	Keith Bloom	Wyoming	                Tri-Cities
113	Joe Noertker	Virginia	        Washington
114	Bud Schaeffer	Wheaton	                Chicago
115	Colin Anderson	Georgia Tech	        Indianapolis
116	Harry Foley	Niagara	                Rochester
117	Andy Butchko	Purdue	                Minneapolis
118	Glenn Wilkes	Mercer	                Syracuse

Eleventh Round			
119	Leo Wolfe	Villanova	Warriors
120     Jimmy Doyle	Butler	        Olympians

Twelfth Round			
121	Ed Montgomery	Tennessee	Warriors