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1951 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choice

Fifth Round
41  Balt   Leroy Ishman             American
42  TriC   Bob Sakel                Evansville
43  Inds   Bob Pierce               Nebraska
44  FtW    Leo Johnson              Arizona
45  Syr    Glen Anderson            Colorado A&M
46  NY     Tom Smith                St. Peter's
47  Bos    Rip Gish                 Western Kentucky
48  Roch   Dan Bagley               Notre Dame
49  Phil   Mike Kearns              Princeton
50  Mpls   Leo Vander Kuy           Michigan

Sixth Round
51  Balt   Glen Duggins             Utah
52  TriC   John Rennicke            Drake
53  Inds   Marv Johnson             Wheaton
54  FtW    Frank Clasbeek           Iowa
55  Syr    Bob Wheeler              Idaho
56  NY     Al McGuire               St. John's
57  Bos    Jim Luisi                St. Francis (NY)
58  Roch   Jim Ove                  Valparaiso
59  Phil   Bob Swails               Indiana Central
60  Mpls   Deward Dopson            Arkansas Polytechnic