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1954 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
19  Balt   Werner Killen            Lawrence
20  Mil    Walt Walowac             Marshall
21  Phil   Ben Peters               St. Benedict
22  FtW    B. H. Born               Kansas
23  Bos    Henry Daubenschmidt      St. Francis (NY)
24  Syr    Jim Tucker               Duquesne
25  Roch   Lee Morton               Cornell
26  NY     Don Anielak              SW Missouri
27  Mpls   Don Lance                Rice

Fourth Round
28  Balt   Burt Spice               Toledo
29  Mil    Phil Martin              Toledo
30  Phil   Chuck Noble              Louisville
31  FtW    Mel Thompson             North Carolina State
32  Bos    Ron Perry                Holy Cross
33  Syr    Don McLane               Duquesne
34  Roch   Art Spoelstra            Western Kentucky
35  NY     Don Lange                Navy
36  Mpls   Gene Schwinger           Rice