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1954 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
37  Balt   Lou Scott                Indiana
38  Mil    Paul Ebert               Ohio State
39  Phil   Rudy D'Emilio            Duke
40  FtW    Dutch Burch              Pittsburgh
41  Bos    Troy Burris              West Texas
42  Syr    Paul Pottenburgh         Siena
43  Roch   Bo Erias                 Niagara
44  NY     Jesse Priscock           Kansas State
45  Mpls   Buzz Bennett             Minnesota

Sixth Round
46  Balt   Bob Heim                 Xavier (OH)
47  Mil    Bob Carney               Bradley
48  Phil   Len Winogard             Brandeis
49  FtW    Charles Kraak            Indiana
50  Bos    Otto Krieghauser         Washington (MO)
51  Syr    Norman Pott              Wheaton
52  Roch   James Davis              St. John's
53  NY     Ron Rivers               Wyoming
54  Mpls   Nick Revon               Mississippi Southern