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1954 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
73  Balt   Ron Goerrs               Concordia (MO)
74  Mil    Hal Cervini              Tulane
75  Phil   Vince Leta               Lycoming
76  FtW    Joel Hittleman           Loyola (MD)
77  Syr    Fletcher Johnson         Duquesne
78  Roch   Roy Irvin                USC
79  NY     Henry Duckham            Brooklyn Polytechnic
80  Mpls   Dick Garmaker            Minnesota

Tenth Round
81  Balt   Gary Shivers             Houston
82  Mil    Joe Bertrand             Notre Dame
83  Phil   Bill Sullivan            Notre Dame
84  FtW    Phil Larson              Brigham Young
85  Bos    Tony Daukas              Boston College
86  Syr    Jack Davidson            UCLA
87  Roch   Ed Parchinski            Fordham
88  NY     John Clune               Navy
89  Mpls   John Blever              Northwestern