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1955 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Fifth Round
32  Mil    Bill Bagley              St. Mary's (CA)
33  Roch   Bill Evans               Kentucky
34  Phil   Jack Devine              Villanova
35  Bos    Bob Patterson            Tulsa
36  NYK    Denver Brackeen          Mississippi
37  Mpls   Bill Banks               Southwest Texas State
38  Syr    Mal Duffy                St. Bonaventure
39  FtW    Cleo Littleton           Wichita State

Jim Ahearn (10)          Connecticut
Mark Davis (12)          Marietta
Henry Dooley (13)        Wiley
Carl Hartman (11)        Alderson-Broaddus
John Mahoney (6)         William & Mary
John Moore (7)           UCLA
Dean Parsons (8)         Washington
Nick Romanoff (9)        College of Pacific
Bob Scuddelari (14)      Cooper Union

Fort Wayne
Don Belcher              Louisiana State
Tom Harrold              Colorado
Happy Mahfouz            Spring Hill
Tom Mock                 Colorado
Tom Mixon                Mercer
Bob Reiter               Missouri
Ray Warren               Texas Christian

Harvey Babetch           Bradley
Dick Cable               Wisconsin
Lynn Cole                Creighton
Joe Fitt                 ???
Charles Hoxie            Niagara
Ed O'Connor              Manhattan
Bill Reigel              McNeese
Dick Welsh               USC

Don Boldebuck            Houston
Don Bragg                UCLA
K.C. Jones               San Francisco
Jim Scott                West Texas
Bill Warden              North Central (IL)
O'Neal Weaver            Midwestern (TX)

New York
Joe Beck (8)             Northeast Missouri State
Joe Fay (7)              St. Ambrose
Mickey Harrington (12)   Southern Mississippi
Wally McCarvill (10)     Iona
Don Payne (9)            Adelphi
Howard Sessums (6)       Mississippi College
Charles Stickels (11)    Hastings

Al Didriksen (8)         Temple
Jerry Koch (10)          St. Louis
Lester Lane (9)          Oklahoma
Harry Silcox (7)         Temple
George Swyers (6)        West Virginia Tech

Bob Armstrong            Michigan State
Harry Jorgensen          Wyoming
Jerry Jung               Kansas State
Jim McConnell            Niagara
John Prudhoe             Louisville
Art Quimby               Connecticut
Tony Vlastelica          Oregon State

Cliff Dwyer              North Carolina State
Ed Galvin                Loyola (LA)
Stan Glowaski            Seattle
Russ Lawler              Stanford
Marty Satalino           St. John's
Ron Tomsic               Stanford