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1956 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choice

Third Round
17  Roch   Dave Piontek             Xavier (OH)
18  Stl    Darrell Floyd            Furman
19  Mpls   Jerry Bird               Kentucky
20  NYK    Jerry Harper             Alabama
21  Syr    Forest Able              Western Kentucky
22  Bos    George Linn              Alabama
23  Det    Bill Thieben             Hofstra
24  Phil   Bevo Francis             Rio Grande

Fourth Round
25  Roch   John McCarthy            Canisius
26  Stl    Robin Freeman            Ohio State
27  Mpls   Lloyd Aubrey             Notre Dame
28  NYK    Ronnie Mayer             Duke
29  Syr    Harvey Halbrook          Oregon State
30  Bos    Dan Swartz               Morehead State
31  Det    Charles Slack            Marshall
32  Phil   Phil Wheeler             Cincinnati