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1956 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choice

Seventh Round
49  Roch   Carl Cain                Iowa
50  Stl    Julius McCoy             Michigan State
51  Mpls   John Barber              Cal State–Los Angeles
52  NYK    Jack Adams               Eastern Kentucky
53  Syr    Jess Roh                 Idaho State
54  Bos    O'Neal Weaver            Midwestern (TX)
55  Det    Bruce Harris             Tennessee Polytechnic
56  Phil   John Fannon              Notre Dame

Eighth Round
57  Roch   Clayton Carter           Oklahoma A&M
58  Stl    Morris Taft              UCLA
59  Mpls   Sam Jones                North Carolina College
60  NYK    Art Bunte                Utah
61  Syr    Chester Webb             Georgia State Teachers
62  Bos    Vic Molodet              North Carolina State
63  Phil   Max Anderson             Oregon