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1956 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choice

Ninth Round
64  Roch   Dan Mannix               St. Francis (NY)
65  Stl    Jim Reed                 Texas Tech
66  Mpls   Jim Springer             Gustavus Adolphus
67  NYK    Dick Miller              Wisconsin
68  Syr    Dick Julio               New Bedford State
69  Bos    Jim Houston              Brandeis
70  Phil   Ronald Clark             Springfield

Tenth Round
71  Roch   Jerry Moreman            Louisville
72  Stl    Hershel Pederson         Brigham Young
73  Mpls   Phil Grawmeyer           Kentucky
74  NYK    Howard Crittendon        Murray State Teachers
75  Syr    Bob Hopkins              Grambling
76  Bos    Theophileus Lloyd        Maryland State