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1956 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choice

Eleventh Round
77  Roch   Gene Carpenter           Texas Tech
78  Stl    Wally Choice             Indiana
79  Mpls   Robert Hodgson           Wichita
80  NYK    Dick Miani               Miami (FL)
81  Syr    Willie Bergines          West Virginia

Twelfth Round
82  Stl    Ed Huse                  Wyoming
83  Mpls   Carl Widseth             Tennessee
84  NYK    Ed Petrie                Seton Hall
85  Syr    Dick Kenyon              LeMoyne

Thirteenth Round
86  Stl    Arthur Helms             Houston
87  Mpls   John Patzwald            Gustavus Adolphus
88  NYK    Tony Roybal              New Mexico
89  Syr    Milt Graham              Colgate

Fourteenth Round
90  Stl    Junior Morgan            Duke
91  Mpls   Elgin Baylor             Seattle
92  Syr    Chuck Rolles             Cornell