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1957 DRAFT
St. Louis, MO

Fifth Round
33  Cin    Stewart Murray           Lafayette
34  Det    Ron Kramer               Michigan
35  Mpls   Gary Thompson            Iowa State
36  StL    Al Rochelle              Vanderbilt
37  NYK    Lee Marshall             Washington & Lee
38  Phil   Jim Radcliffe            Lafayette
39  Syr    Frank Nimmo              Cincinnati
40  Bos    Grady Wallace            South Carolina

Sixth Round
41  Cin    John Maglio              North Carolina State
42  Det    Walt Acamushko           St. Francis (NY)
43  Mpls   Phil Murrell             Drake
44  StL    Raymond Downs            Texas
45  NYK    Jim Humphreys            St. Michael's
46  Phil   Alonzo Lewis             La Salle
47  Syr    Lyndon Lee               Oklahoma City
48  Bos    Maurice King             Kansas