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1957 DRAFT
St. Louis, MO

Seventh Round
49  Cin    Chet Forte               Columbia
50  Det    Carl Boldt               San Francisco
51  Mpls   George Ferguson          Michigan
52  StL    Mason Pope               Kentucky Wesleyan
53  Phil   Max Jameson              Kentucky State
54  Syr    Dick Gaines              Seton Hall
55  Bos    Dick Brott               Denver

Eighth Round
56  Cin    Bob Daniels              Western Kentucky
57  Det    Doug Bolstorff           Minnesota
58  Mpls   John Haaven              North Dakota
59  StL    Bill Darragh             Louisville
60  Phil   Woody Sauldsberry        Texas Southern
61  Syr    Cebe Prince              Marshall
62  Bos    Bill Von Weyhe           Rhode Island