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1958 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choice

Third Round
17  Mpls   Alex Ellis               Niagara
18  Cin    Arlen Bockhorn           Dayton
19  Det    Roy DeWitz               Kansas State
20  NY     John Lee                 Yale
21  Phil   Frank Howard             Ohio State
22  Syr    John Nacincik            Maryland
23  StL    Wayne Embry              Miami (OH)
24  Bos    Jim Cunningham           Fordham

Fourth Round
25  Mpls   George Kline             Minnesota
26  Cin    Phil Murrell             Drake
27  Det    Ralph Croswaite          Western Kentucky
28  NY     John Cox                 Kentucky
29  Phil   Temple Tucker            Rice
30  Syr    Tommy Kearns             North Carolina
31  StL    Julius Peques            Pittsburgh
32  Bos    Don Flora                Washington & Lee