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1959 DRAFT
Cincinnati, OH

T-Territorial Choices

Seventh Round
49  Cin    Dale Moore               Eastern Kentucky
50  Det    Doug Smart               Washington
51  Phil   Joe Ryan                 Villanova
52  Mpls   Charley Grote            Georgetown (KY)
53  Syr    Darnell Haney            Navy
54  NY     Russ Robinson            SW Missouri
55  StL    Orby Arnold              Memphis State

Eighth Round
56  Cin    Don Matuszak             Kansas State
57  Det    Chuck Curtis             Pacific Lutheran
58  Phil   Dave Gunther             Iowa
59  Mpls   Leon Hill                Texas Tech
60  NY     Walt Torrence            UCLA
61  StL    Willie Merriwether       Purdue

Ninth Round
62  Cin    Joe Billy McDade         Bradley
63  Det    Doyle Edmiston           Hardin-Simmons
64  Phil   Carl Belz                Princeton
65  Mpls   Jim Mudd                 North Texas State
66  NY     Jerry Shipp              SE Oklahoma
67  StL    Lou Pucillo              North Carolina State