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1959 DRAFT
Cincinnati, OH

T-Territorial Choices

Tenth Round
68  Cin    Joe Viviano              Xavier (OH)
69  Det    Bruno Boin               Washington
70  Phil   Tony Sellari             Lenoir Rhyne
71  Mpls   Roger Johnson            Minnesota
72  NY    Paul Wilcox              Davis & Elkins
73  StL    Ron Loneski              Kansas

Eleventh Round
74  Cin    Charley Brown            Seattle
75  Det    M. C. Burton             Michigan
76  Phil   Phil Warren              Northwestern
77  Mpls   Jack Evans               Superior State
78  NY    Paul Benes               Hope
79  StL    John Barnhill            Tennessee State

Twelfth Round
80  Cin    Roger Wendel             Tulsa
81  Mpls   Vern Baggenstoss         St. Cloud State
82  NY    Ed Blair                 Western Michigan

Thirteenth Round
83  Mpls   Dwayne Smith             Gustavus Adolphus
84  NY    John Nicoll              Brigham Young

Fourteenth Round
85  NY    Jack Israel              SW Missouri