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1960 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choice

Eleventh Round
75  Cin    Dennis Moore             Regis
76  Mpls   Sterling Forbes          Pepperdine
77  NYK    Howard Willis            Grambling
78  Det    Mel Peterson             Wheaton
79  StL    Dick Davies              Louisiana State

Twelfth Round
80  Cin    Ron Altenberg            Cornell (IA)
81  Mpls   Will Jones               American
82  NYK    Henry Hart               Auburn
83  Det    Don Dobbert              Wheaton
84  StL    Bob Wilkinson            Indiana

Thirteenth Round
85  Cin    John Milhoan             Marshall
86  NYK    Dick Furry               Ohio State
87  Det    Lee Hopfenspirger        Hamline

Fourteenth Round
88  Cin    Larry Chaney             Montana State
89  NYK    Jim Hanna                USC