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1961 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
24  NYK    Tony Jackson             St. John's
25  Cin    Bob Nordmann             St. Louis
26  Det    Doug Kistler             Duke
27  LAL    Frank Burgess            Gonzaga
28  Syr    Charles Osborne          Western Kentucky
29  Phil   Jack Egan                St. Joseph's (PA)
30  StL    Tom Chilton              East Tennessee
31  Bos    Bill Depp                Vanderbilt
32  Chi    Bill Bridges             Kansas

Fourth Round
33  NYK    George Blaney            Holy Cross
34  Cin    Lowery Kirk              Memphis State
35  Det    George Finley            Tennessee A&I
36  LAL    Charles Henke            Missouri
37  Syr    Henry Whitney            Iowa State
38  Phil   John Tidwell             Michigan
39  StL    Gus Guydon               Drake
40  Bos    Carl Cole                Eastern Kentucky
41  Chi    Roger Kaiser             Georgia Tech