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1961 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
77  NYK    Charles Bowman           Wabash
78  Cin    Larry Krueger            Ohio
79  Det    Peter Baltic             Penn State
80  LAL    Carl Anderson            Oregon State
81  Syr    Rex Tippitt              Grambling
82  StL    Herbert Gray             North Carolina A&T
83  Chi    Steve Strange            Southern Methodist

Tenth Round
84  NYK    Ron Debillous            Wisconsin State Teachers
85  Cin    Jack Waters              Mississippi
86  Det    Wayne Monson             Northern Michigan
87  LAL    Robert Williams          Hancock
88  Syr    Pete Chudy               Syracuse
89  Phil   Leo Hill                 Cal State–Los Angeles
90  StL    Tom Faszholz             Concordia (MO)
91  Chi    Larry Comley             Kansas State