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1962 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Fifth Round
37  Chi    Cornell Green            Utah State
38  NYK    Bob Burgess              Marshall
39  StL    Tom Hatton               Dayton
40  Det    Lindbergh Moody          South Carolina
41  Syr    John Windsor             Stanford
42  Cin    Mike Wroblewski          Kansas State
43  Phil   Jack Jackson             Virginia Union
44  LAL    Art Whisnant             South Carolina
45  Bos    Gary Daniels             Citadel

Sixth Round
46  Chi    Bill Hanson              Washington
47  NYK    Ken Stanley              Pacific
48  StL    Jay Carty                Oregon State
49  Det    Ed Noe                   Morehead State
50  Syr    Larry Van Eman           Wichita State
51  Cin    Jerry Foster             Drake
52  Phil   Jim Hudock               North Carolina
53  LAL    Bucky Keller             Virginia Tech
54  Bos    Jim Hooley               Boston College