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1962 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Eleventh Round
87   Chi    Jeff Slade               Kenyon
88   NYK    Ed Mazria                Pratt
89   StL    Tom Chappelle            Maine
90   Cin    Frank Pinchback          Xavier (OH)
91   Phil   Donnie Walsh             North Carolina

Twelfth Round
92   Chi    Mel Nowell               Ohio State
93   StL    John Caveny              LeMoyne
94   Phil   Charles Warren           Oregon

Thirteenth Round
95   Chi    Tom Kennedy              Lewis
96   StL    Jerry Carlton            Arkansas

Fourteenth Round
97   Chi    Bob Mahland              Williams
98   StL    Wilky Gilmore            Colorado

Fifteenth Round
99   Chi    Pat McKenzie             Kansas State
100  StL    Dave Ricerto             Rhode Island

Sixteenth Round
101  Chi    Norman Majors            Rockhurst (MO)
102  StL    Wally Roundsville        California Tech