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1963 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Third Round
19  NYK    Bill O'Connor            Canisius
20  Balt   Tom Bolyard              Indiana
21  SF     Steve Gray               St. Mary's (CA)
22  Det    Mike McCoy               Miami (FL)
23  Cin    Jimmy Rayl               Indiana
24  StL    Bill Burwell             Illinois
25  Syr    Jerry Greenspan          Maryland
26  LAL    Lyle Harger              Houston
27  Bos    Chuck Kriston            Valparaiso

Fourth Round
28  NYK    Nate Cloud               Delaware
29  Balt   Nolen Ellison            Kansas
30  SF     Dave Downey              Illinois
31  Det    Dave Erickson            Marquette
32  Cin    Ken Charlton             Colorado
33  StL    Waite Bellamy            Florida A&M
34  Syr    Ray Flynn                Providence
35  LAL    Layton Johns             Auburn
36  Bos    Connie McGuire           SE Oklahoma