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1963 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Fifth Round
37  NYK    Joe McDermott            Belmont Abbey
38  Balt   Ron Glaser               Marquette
39  SF     Don Turner               SW Kansas
40  Det    Bill Small               Illinois
41  Cin    Mac Herndon              Bradley
42  StL    Tony Yates               Cincinnati
43  Syr    Tony Cerkvenik           Arizona State
44  LAL    Larry Jones              Toledo
45  Bos    W. D. Stroud             Mississippi State

Sixth Round
46  NYK    Jim Kerwin               Tulane
47  Balt   Ken Siebel               Wisconsin
48  SF     Gene Shields             Santa Clara
49  Det    Reggie Harding           None
50  Cin    Jim McCormack            West Virginia
51  StL    Al Santio                Maryland State
52  Syr    Vince Brewer             Iowa State
53  LAL    Warren Salade            Westminster
54  Bos    Vinnie Ernst             Providence