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1963 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Seventh Round
55  NYK    Bob Woolard              Wake Forest
56  Balt   Larry Brown              North Carolina
57  SF     Don Clemetson            Stanford
58  Det    Ira Harge                New Mexico
59  Cin    Hunter Beckman           Memphis State
60  StL    Ken Rohloff              North Carolina State
61  Syr    Bill Brown               Howard Payne
62  LAL    Gordie Martin            USC
63  Bos    Herb Magee               Philadelphia Textile

Eighth Round
64  NYK    Fred Crawford            St. Bonaventure
65  Balt   Dick Riesback            Iowa State
66  SF     Harry Dinnell            Pepperdine
67  Det    Gary Silc                Northern Michigan
68  StL    Harold Strothers         Texas A&M