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1963 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Ninth Round
69  NYK    Ray Cronk                Lakeland
70  Balt   Ron Jackson              Wisconsin
71  SF     Chuck White              Idaho
72  Det    Ernie Durston            Seattle
73  StL    Frank Davis              Oklahoma Christian

Tenth Round
74  NYK    Gerald Glur              Furman
75  Balt   M. C. Thompson           DePaul
76  StL    Carl Ritter              SE Missouri State

Eleventh Round
77  NYK    Orb Bowling              Tennessee
78  StL    Marv Straw               Iowa State

Twelfth Round
79  NYK    Bob Walter               Baldwin Wallace
80  StL    Hugh Evans               North Carolina A&T

Thirteenth Round
81  NYK    Jerry Szachara           Cornell
82  StL    Gary McFarland           Central Missouri State

Fourteenth Round
83  NYK    Bill Raftery             La Salle

Fifteenth Round
84  NYK    Ron Pickett              Eastern Kentucky