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1964 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Seventh Round
54  NYK    Emmette Bryant           DePaul
55  Det    Jerry Jackson            Ohio
56  Balt   Ron Miller               Loyola (IL)
57  Phil   Gordon Hatton            Dayton
58  LAL    Steve Anstett            Portland
59  StL    Maurice McHartley        North Carolina A&T
60  SF     Dave Lee                 San Francisco
61  Cin    Vic Rouse                Loyola (IL)
62  Bos    Rich Falk                Northwestern

Eighth Round
63  NYK    Jim Boutin               Lewis & Clark
64  Det    Ralph Telken             Rockhurst
65  Balt   Danny Schultz            Tennessee
66  Phil   Bob Pelkington           Xavier (OH)
67  LAL    Jay Buckley              Duke
68  StL    Kendall Rhine            Rice
69  SF     Bob Garibaldi            Santa Clara
70  Cin    Joe Gieger               Xavier (OH)
71  Bos    Jeff Blue                Butler