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1964 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Eleventh Round
86   NYK    Dennis Lynch             Yale
87   Balt   Fred Glover              Winston-Salem
88   Phil   Thomas Lowry             West Virginia
89   StL    Gerald Govan             St. Mary of the Plains
90   Cin    Jim Reynolds             Abilene Christian

Twelfth Round
91   Balt   Frank Kamiaski           Randolph-Macon
92   Phil   Julius Myers             Morris Brown
93   StL    Warren Sutton            George Williams
94   Cin    Fred Jones               Youngstown

Thirteenth Round
95   Balt   Doug Moon                Utah
96   StL    Cecil Tuttle             Georgetown (KY)

Fourteenth Round
97   Balt   Pete Gent                Michigan State
98   StL    Bill Blair               Virginia Military

Fifteenth Round
99   Balt   Sandy Williams           St. Francis (PA)
100  StL    Al Cech                  Detroit