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1965 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Fifth Round
39  SF     Eddie Jackson            Oklahoma City
40  NYK    Steve Nisenson           Hofstra
41  Det    Ted Manning              North Carolina College
42  Balt   Charles Dinkens          Miami (OH)
43  Phil   Richie Moore             Villanova
44  StL    Theodore Werner          Washington State
45  Cin    Warren Isaac             Iona
46  LAL    A.W. Davis               Tennessee
47  Bos    Don Davidson             Davidson

Sixth Round
48  SF     Jim Jarvis               Oregon State
49  NYK    Warren Davis             North Carolina A&T
50  Det    Barry Smith              High Point
51  Balt   Lavonne LeFlore          Jackson State
52  Phil   Mitch Edwards            Pan American
53  StL    John Rambo               Long Beach College
54  Cin    Leon Clements            Ouachita Baptist
55  LAL    Theo Cruz                Seattle
56  Bos    Haskell Tison            Duke