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1965 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Seventh Round
57  SF     Dan Wolters              California
58  NYK    Dale Neel                High Point
59  Balt   Willie Somerset          Duquesne
60  Phil   John Young               Midwestern (TX)
61  StL    Terry Kunze              Minnesota
62  Cin    Jeff Gehring             Miami (OH)
63  LAL    Dwayne Cruze             Idaho State
64  Bos    George Deehan            Lenoir Rhyne

Eighth Round
65  SF     Willie Cotton            Central State
66  NYK    Frank Granat             Alliance
67  Balt   Jim Murphy               DePaul
68  Phil   Bob Barnek               St. Bonaventure
69  StL    Cincy Powell             Portland
70  Cin    Jim Fox                  South Carolina
71  LAL    George Unseld            Kansas