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1965 DRAFT
New York, NY

T-Territorial Choices

Thirteenth Round
95   NYK    Dennis McGovern          Rhode Island
96   Balt   Joe Ramsey               Southern Illinois
97   Phil   Rich Parks               Tulsa
98   StL    Mel Northway             Minnesota
99   Cin    Oliver Jones             Albany State (GA)

Fourteenth Round
100  Balt   Jerry Rook               Arkansas State
101  Phil   Jack Morgenthal          Houston
102  StL    Terry Page               Detroit
103  Cin    Larry Franks             Texas

Fifteenth Round
104  Balt   Dave Hicks               None
105  Phil   James Pitts              Georgia
106  StL    George Pomey             Michigan
107  Cin    Ronald Scharf            Georgia Tech

Sixteenth Round
108  Balt   Bunk Adams               Ohio
109  Phil   Larry Rafferty           Fairchild
110  StL    Bob Tolan                Eastern Kentucky
111  Cin    Willie Porter            Tennessee State

Seventeenth Round
112  Balt   Roger Taylor             Illinois