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1967 DRAFT
New York, NY

Third Round
20  Balt   Malikin Strong           Seattle
21  Det    Darrell Hardy            Baylor
22  Chi    John Dickson             Arkansas State
23  LAL    Dwight Smith             Western Kentucky
24  NYK    Gary Gregor              South Carolina
25  StL    Bob Verga                Duke
26  Cin    Gary Gray                Oklahoma City
27  SF     Bill Turner              Akron
28  Cin    Sam Smith                Kentucky Wesleyan
29  SD     Richie Moore             Hiram Scott
30  Sea    Sam Singleton            Omaha
31  SD     Nick Jones               Oregon

Fourth Round
32  Balt   Al Salvadori             South Carolina
33  Det    Ron Franz                Kansas
34  Chi    Jim Burns                Northwestern
35  LAL    Cliff Anderson           St. Joseph's
36  NYK    Keith Swagerty           Pacific
37  StL    Wes Bialosuknia          Connecticut
38  Cin    Lou Dampier              Kentucky
39  SF     Bob Lewis                North Carolina
40  Bos    Neville Shedd            Texas Western
41  SD     Ron Kozlicki             Northwestern
42  SD     Craig Dill               Michigan
43  Sea    Larry Bunce              Utah State