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1967 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
69  Balt   Ron Perry                VPI
70  Det    Bob Lloyd                Rutgers
71  Chi    Bob Wolf                 Marquette
72  LAL    Jamie Thompson           Wichita State
73  NYK    Butch Wade               Indiana State
74  StL    Carl Fuller              Bethune-Cookman
75  Cin    Charles Beasley          Southern Methodist
76  SF     Sonny Bustion            Colorado State
77  Bos    Edgar Lacy               UCLA
78  Phil   Frank Card               South Carolina State
79  Sea    Dick Kolbert             Santa Barbara
80  SD     Elbert Miller            Nevade Southern

Eighth Round
81  Balt   Ed Manning               Jackson State Teachers
82  Det    George Carter            St. Bonaventure
83  Chi    Leon Simon               Santa Fe
84  LAL    Don Carlos               Otterbeing
85  NYK    Gil Radday               St. Francis
86  StL    Arvesta Kelly            Lincoln (MO)
87  Cin    Frank Holloendoner       Georgetown
88  SF     Bob Krulish              Pacific
89  Bos    Andy Anderson            Canisius
90  Phil   Jim Conley               Virginia
91  SD     Al Grundy                St. Joseph's
92  Sea    Willie Wolters           Boston College