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1967 DRAFT
New York, NY

Ninth Round
93   Balt   Robert Allen             Arkansas A&M
94   Chi    Ernie Laurent            Albuquerque
95   LAL    Jay McMillon             Maryland
96   NYK    Ray Smith                Kansas State
97   StL    Ed Biedenbach            North Carolina State
98   Cin    Ron Sepic                Ohio State
99   SF     Richard Dean             Syracuse
100  Bos    Henry Brown              Lowell Tech
101  Phil   Ron Filipek              Tennessee Tech
102  Sea    Rod McDonald             Whitworth
103  SD     Ron Coleman              Missouri

Tenth Round
104  Balt   Bill Gillespie           Montana State
105  Chi    Jim Boshart              Wake Forest
106  LAL    Don Kruze                Houston
107  NYK    Bruce Kaplan             New York University
108  StL    Rich Falkenbrush         St. Michael's (VT)
109  Cin    Willie Davis             North Texas State
110  SF     Joe Galbo                San Francisco State
111  Bos    Rick Weitzman            Northeastern
112  Phil   Butch Ervin              Niagara
113  SD     John Duncan              Murray State
114  Sea    Gary Lechman             Gonzaga