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1967 DRAFT
New York, NY

Eleventh Round
115  Balt   Bubba Smith              Michigan State
116  Chi    Jim Andros               New Haven
117  LAL    Nick Pino                Kansas State
118  NYK    Mark Merkin              North Carolina
119  Cin    Ken Callaway             Cincinnati
120  SF     Bill Morgan              New Mexico
121  Bos    Joe Harrington           Maryland
122  Phil   Ted Campbell             North Carolina A&T
123  Sea    Randy Matson             Texas A&M
124  SD     Al Razutis               California Western

Twelfth Round
125  Balt   Tony Eaton               Pan American
126  Det    George Dalzell           Colgate College
127  Chi    Ron Widby                Tennessee
128  LAL    Ben Monroe               New Mexico
129  NYK    Mike Riordan             Providence
130  Cin    Frank Gaidjunas          Villanova
131  SF     David Fox                Pacific
132  Phil   Hubie Marshall           La Salle
133  SD     Martin Navia             New Mexico Highlands
134  Sea    Rubin Russell            North Texas State