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1967 DRAFT
New York, NY

Thirteenth Round
135  Balt   Lyn Burkholder           South Carolina
136  Det    Matthew Aitch            Michigan State
137  Chi    Tom Storm                Montana State
138  LAL    Gary Jones               Iowa
139  Cin    John Moates              Richmond
140  Phil   George Mack              North Carolina A&T
141  Sea    John Schroeder           Ohio
142  SD     Bob Chlupsa              Manhattan

Fourteenth Round
143  Balt   Paul Mickey              Penn State
144  Chi    Don Whitehead            Erskine
145  Cin    Jerry Pettway            Northwood Institute
146  Phil   Wayne Brabender          MinnesotaŻMorris
147  SD     John Tolbert             South Carolina A&T
148  Sea    Jim Sutherland           Wake Forest