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1968 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifth Round
51  SD     Glen Combs               Virginia Tech
52  Sea    Al Hairston              Bowling Green
53  Chi    Jim Tillman              Loyola (IL)
54  Balt   Ed Chaplin               Voorhees
55  Cin    Jim Kissane              Boston College
56  Det    Carl Fuller              Bethune-Cookman
57  SF     Jim Eakins               Brigham Young
58  NYK    Hal Booker               Chaney State
59  LAL    Lou Shephard             SW Missouri State
60  Bos    Thad Jaracz              Kentucky
61  Atl    Rusty Parker             Miami (FL)
62  Phil   Larry Miller             North Carolina
63  Mil    Joe Franklin             Wisconsin
64  Phoe   Harry Hollines           Denver

Sixth Round
65  SD     Eldridge Webb            Tulsa
66  Sea    Ron Guziak               Duquesne
67  Chi    Ken Barnett              Delaware
68  Balt   Joe Heiser               Princeton
69  Cin    Calvin Martin            Texas Southern
70  Det    Wally Anderzunas         Creighton
71  SF     Bob Allen                Marshall
72  NYK    Brian Brunkhorst         Marquette
73  LAL    Nick Pino                Kansas State
74  Bos    Jerry Newson             Indiana State
75  Atl    Phil Wagner              Georgia Tech
76  Phil   Chuck Williams           Colorado
77  Phoe   Rodney Knowles           Davidson
78  Mil    Fred Smith               Hawaii