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1968 DRAFT
New York, NY

Seventh Round
79   SD     Rick Adelman             Loyola (CA)
80   Sea    Jim McKean               Washington State
81   Chi    Willie Davis             North Texas State
82   Balt   Jasper Wilson            Southern
83   Cin    Dick Dumas               NE Oklahoma
84   Det    Larry Newbold            Long Island
85   SF     Dave Reasor              West Virginia
86   NYK    Bob Waldal               Dickinson State
87   LAL    Dennis Hrcka             Hillsdale
88   Bos    Mike Lewis               Duke
89   Atl    Oscar Smith              Elizabeth City
90   Phil   Bill Jones               Fairfield
91   Mil    Tom Kondla               Minnesota
92   Phoe   Charles Parkes           Idaho State

Eighth Round
93   SD     Aaron Sellers            Jackson State
94   Sea    Willie Rodgers           Oklahoma
95   Chi    Lloyd Higgins            Pasadena College
96   Balt   Barry Orms               St. Louis
97   Cin    Dave Williams            Mississippi State
98   Det    Harry Laurie             St. Peter's
99   SF     Walt Platkowski          Bowling Green
100  NYK    Bob Hooper               Dayton
101  LAL    John Smith               Southern Colorado
102  Bos    Julius Keye              Alcorn State
103  Atl    Marin Baietti            Manhattan
104  Phil   Melvin Jones             Albany State
105  Phoe   Brian Clare              Denver
106  Mil    Elbert Miller            Nevada Southern