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1968 DRAFT
New York, NY

Eleventh Round
135  SD     Leonardo Epps            Clark
136  Sea    Jim Marsh                USC
137  Chi    Jim McGonigle            Iowa State
138  Balt   Al Dixon                 Bowling Green
139  Cin    James Robinson           Rochester Institute
140  SF     Jerry Chandler           Nevada Southern
141  NYK    Bob Redd                 Marshall
142  LAL    Harry Singletary         Presbyterian
143  Bos    Tom Neimeir              Evansville
144  Atl    Henry Watkins            Tennessee State
145  Phil   Bill Soens               Miami (FL)
146  Mil    Brad Luchini             Marquette
147  Phoe   Ron Boone                Idaho State

Twelfth Round
148  SD     Roy Manning              Lane
149  Sea    Walt Simon               Utah
150  Chi    John Lallensack          Oshkosh State
151  Balt   Willie Cager             Texas Western
152  Cin    Glynn Saulters           Western Louisiana
153  SF     Bob Wolfe                California
154  NYK    Pat Moriarty             Guilford
155  LAL    Reggie Lacefield         Western Michigan
156  Bos    Bill Langheld            Fordham
157  Atl    Bill Harris              Texas Western
158  Phil   Ted Campbell             North Carolina A&T
159  Mil    Dave Miller              Florida
160  Phoe   Bill Davis               Arizona