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1968 DRAFT
New York, NY

Thirteenth Round
161  SD     Marshall Evans           Lincoln
162  Sea    Bud Ogden                Santa Clara
163  Chi    Herm Gilliam             Purdue
164  Balt   Rudy Bogad               St. John's
165  Cin    Jim Tindell              Massachusetts
166  NYK    Ken Morehead             Hillside
167  LAL    Harvey Mumford           Montana State
168  Bos    Art Stephenson           Rhode Island
169  Atl    Frank Standard           South Carolina
170  Phil   Earl Seyfert             Kansas State
171  Phoe   Pat Hobard               Cal State

Fourteenth Round
172  SD     Bobby Lewis              North Carolina State
173  Sea    Mike Warren              UCLA
174  Chi    Dave Carr                Washington
175  Balt   Ernest Sims              East Tennessee
176  Cin    Charles Core             SE Louisiana
177  NYK    John Harlow              Princeton
178  LAL    John Godfrey             Abilene Christian
179  Bos    Keith Hockstein          Holy Cross
180  Atl    George Hicker            Syracuse
181  Phil   Tom Youngdale            Davidson