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1968 DRAFT
New York, NY

Fifteenth Round
182  SD     Bill Gaines              East Texas State
183  Chi    Mickey McCarthy          Texas Christian
184  Balt   Joe Allen                Bradley
185  Cin    Mike Drepling            Westminster
186  NYK    Ed Fellers               Guilford
187  LAL    John Baum                Temple
188  Atl    Bernie Foster            Pasadena
189  Phil   George Mack              North Carolina A&T

Sixteenth Round
190  SD     Chuck Caldwell           Missouri–St. Louis
191  Chi    Fred Holden              Louisville
192  Balt   Dennis Blace             San Francisco
193  Cin    Dick Harris              None
194  NYK    Bob Ferguson             Tennessee Wesleyan
195  LAL    Mike Eberle              Wyoming
196  Atl    Terry Allerton           Baldwin-Wallace
197  Phil   Joe Crews                Villanova