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1969 DRAFT
7Apr69 [Rounds 1 - 2]
7May69 [Rounds 3 - 20]
New York, NY

Third Round
30  Phoe   Floyd Kerr               Colorado State
31  Mil    Harley Swift             East Tennessee State
32  Sea    Leroy Winfield           North Texas State
33  Phoe   Lamar Green              Morehead State
34  Chi    Norm Van Lier            St. Francis (PA)
35  SD     Charles Bonaparte        Norfolk State
36  SF     Tom Hagan                Vanderbilt
37  Cin    Luther Rackley           Xavier (OH)
38  Bos    Julius Keye              Alcorn A&M
39  Phoe   Lloyd Kerr               Colorado State
40  NYK    Ed Mast                  Temple
41  Cin    Luther Green             Long Island
42  Phil   Mike Grosso              Louisville
43  Balt   Fred Carter              Mount St. Mary's

Fourth Round
44  Phoe   Dennis Stewart           Michigan
45  Mil    Bob Dandridge            Norfolk State
46  Sea    Hal Booker               Cheyney State
47  Det    Ted Wierman              Washington State
48  Chi    Dave Nash                Kansas
49  SD     Johnny Allen             Bethune-Cookman
50  SF     Lee Lafayette            Michigan State
51  Cin    Ron Sanford              New Mexico
52  Bos    Steve Kuberski           Bradley
53  Atl    Billy Hann               Tennessee
54  NYK    Elnardo Webster          St. Peter's
55  Atl    Don Griffin              Stanford
56  Phil   Dave Scholz              Illinois
57  Balt   Gene Ford                Western Michigan