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1969 DRAFT
7Apr69 [Rounds 1 - 2]
7May69 [Rounds 3 - 20]
New York, NY

Fifth Round
58  Phoe   Rich Jones               Memphis State
59  Mil    Ken Heitz                UCLA
60  Sea    Jerry King               Louisville
61  Det    Steve Mix                Toledo
62  Chi    Chris Ellis              Virginia Tech
63  SD     Charles Hentz            Arkansas A&M
64  SF     Willie Wise              Drake
65  Cin    Jake Ford                Maryland State
66  Bos    George Thompson          Marquette
67  Atl    Mike Mitchell            West Texas State
68  NYK    Gene Littles             High Point
69  LAL    Wilbert Jones            Albany State
70  Phil   Joe Cromer               Temple
71  Balt   Willie Jackson           Morehead State

Sixth Round
72  Phoe   Dan Sadlier              Dayton
73  Mil    John Arthurs             Tulane
74  Sea    Ben McGilmer             Iowa
75  Det    Larry Jeffries           Trinity
76  Chi    George Tinsley           Kentucky Wesleyan
77  SD     Bob Tallent              George Washington
78  SF     Dan Obravak              Dayton
79  Cin    Mel Coleman              Stout State
80  Bos    Dolph Pulliam            Drake
81  Atl    Guy Mackner              South Dakota
82  NYK    Dwight Durante           Catawba
83  LAL    Dick Grubar              North Carolina
84  Phil   John Jones               Villanova
85  Balt   Paul Loveday             California