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1969 DRAFT
7Apr69 [Rounds 1 - 2]
7May69 [Rounds 3 - 20]
New York, NY

Ninth Round
114  Phoe   Steve Jennings           USC
115  Mil    Jim Satalin              St. Bonaventure
116  Sea    Vince Fritz              Oregon State
117  Det    George Reynolds          Houston
118  Chi    Sterling Burke           Northwestern
119  SD     Larry Cheatham           Tulsa
120  SF     Greg Reed                Sacramento State
121  Cin    James Hurley             Transylvania
122  Bos    Gordon Smith             Cincinnati
123  Atl    Pete Gayeska             Massachusetts
124  NYK    Roger Walaszak           Columbia
125  LAL    Jim Smith                Northern Illinois
126  Phil   Larry Lewis              St. Francis (PA)
127  Balt   Gary Major               Duquesne

Tenth Round
128  Phoe   Rich Abrahamson          Oregon
129  Mil    Willie Brown             Middle Tennessee
130  Sea    Al Cueto                 Tulsa
131  Det    Bill English             Winston-Salem
132  Chi    Al Smith                 Bradley
133  SD     Lee Sims                 Ashland
134  SF     Dick Chapman             San Francisco State
135  Cin    Bill Bowes               Elon
136  Bos    Jim Picka                High Point
137  Atl    Dick Stewart             Rutgers
138  NYK    Frank McLaughlin         Fordham
139  LAL    Phil Argento             Kentucky
140  Phil   Bill Justus              Tennessee
141  Balt   Frank Bartleson          Tennessee Tech