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1969 DRAFT
7Apr69 [Rounds 1 - 2]
7May69 [Rounds 3 - 20]
New York, NY

Eleventh Round
142  Phoe   Fred Lind                Duke
143  Mil    Bob Presley              California
144  Sea    Jim Connolly             Bowling Green
144  Det    Rusty Clark              North Carolina
145  Chi    Larry Bergh              Weber State
146  SD     Justus Thigpen           Weber State
147  SF     Rich Holmberg            St. Mary's
148  Cin    Jim Supple               Georgetown
149  Bos    Larry Frinston           Kenyon
150  Atl    Loran Bracci             San Fernando Valley State
151  NYK    Marvin Lewis             Southampton
152  LAL    Ron Peret                Texas A&M
153  Phil   Bruce Sloan              Kansas
154  Balt   Gerald McKee             Ohio

Twelfth Round
155  Phoe   Bob Miller               Toledo
156  Mil    Jack Lutz                Carthage
157  Sea    John Smith               Puget Sound
158  Chi    Harry Hall               Wyoming
159  SD     Raul Duarte              South Dakota State
160  SF     Joe Callahan             San Francisco State
161  Cin    Mike Davis               Colorado State
162  Bos    Rod Forbes               Boston State
163  Atl    Dave Jones               LaVerne
164  NYK    Bill O'Rourke            St. John Fisher
165  LAL    Jack Gillespie           Montana State
166  Phil   Roland Taylor            La Salle
167  Balt   Bob Washington           Tulsa