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1969 DRAFT
7Apr69 [Rounds 1 - 2]
7May69 [Rounds 3 - 20]
New York, NY

Fifteenth Round
189  Phoe   Bob Beamon               Texas-El Paso
190  Mil    Stan Wiodarszek          La Salle
191  Sea    Ernie Powell             USC
192  SD     Jerry Nickens            Tougaloo
193  Atl    Norm Carmichael          Virginia
194  Balt   Jodie Harrison           Illinois

Sixteenth Round
195  Phoe   Wayne Huckel             Davidson
196  Mil    Bill Voigt               Southern Methodist
197  Sea    Danny Cornett            Morehead State
198  SD     Dick Groves              San Jose State
199  Atl    Buddy Cornelius          Jacksonville (AL)
200  Balt   Phil Harris              Texas A&M